Frontline Terrorist Battle Shoot

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Get into firefights with terrorists


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Frontline Terrorist Battle Shoot is an FPS where you control a special agent tasked with dispatching all of the terrorists on each level. The levels are usually short, lasting just one or two minutes.

Your character moves automatically once you've cleared each wave of enemies, so you've just got to take aim, shoot, and reload. To aim, like similar games, you move your finger around the screen.

There are more than a dozen levels in Frontline Terrorist Battle Shoot, all with a similar feel to the infamous 'de_dust'. Before hopping into battle you can choose from four different weapons. At level five you can also unlock grenades.

Frontline Terrorist Battle Shoot is a fun FPS, which while not terribly original, does let you enjoy judiciously gunning down a few terrorists.
By Nick

Requires Android 4.1 or higher